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    I'll be meeting a friend in a couple hours who recently purchased a pre plus and has no idea how to use it... Should I only show her the basiccs and how to use the phone stock? Or should I bring the laptop and setup preware and get some of the good patches installed? Things like battery % and date in the top bar?
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    yeah show her some luv
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    everyone I know who has a pre also has preware thanks to me... Don't short change a homie!!!
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    It depends on how tech savvy she is, and whether or not she wants the risk of having to doctor off and on. A couple of guys I know that bought the Pre, I showed Preware to, and the various patches I have installed, but they're handy with troubleshooting installations already. One guy decided it wasn't really worth it, after he asked some questions and figured what was either already installed with the phone stock or available through the App Catalog would be fine for him. If my last girlfriend bought one? I'd probably leave Preware alone, she's not particularly tech-inclined, and would probably be too nervous about the possibility of something going wrong. It's also going to depend on how heavily she relies on a reliable phone.

    Play it by ear, walk her around through what's available, good software before trying to teach her the processes for installing patches and whatnot that she might not even need.
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    It depends on how tech savvy she is, and whether or not she wants the risk of having to doctor off and on.
    I agree. If she's not a little tech savvy, she may either blame you for problems or make you do all the modifications.
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    I wasn't talking about all kinds of crazy modifications... Mostly what the average... Err... "thinks she's tech savvy" user might appreciate.

    My intentions are to install:
    date on top bar
    battery % on top bar
    gps toggle on device menu (she doesn't use it)
    virtual keyboard along with landscape messaging/email.
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    Preware is your friend! And if she has basic knowledge she should be fine. It will make her love her phone even more. My partner doesn't use preware for anything but themes, but she loves her themes!
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    What I would do is load it up on her computer and then explain exactly what you are doing, which will help in not her understanding a liitle more but also lets you walk her through everything. I have friends at work that I have shown the patches I installed and showed them where to go and how to install it, but I did not want to take the responsibility that if something goes wrong, they won't hold me responsible and strain our relationship. I will help them out once they have it installed of course. I haven't done anything with themes have friends that do and they love em.

    Just walk her through it step by step and all will be well and she can enjoy all the great stuff that Preware has.
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    show er yours first_ so she can see the differences.
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    no point in explaining how you make the changes, just why.

    honey, do you like the date and time up there? Ok.

    honey, do you like little icons or big ones? Ok.

    honey, do you like the leather sofa, or the fabric sofa? Yes dear.

    she doesn't have to tour the factory to chose a fabric that she likes.
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    I just got here to discover they haven't touched it since activation! Not even to turn it off... Waiting forr 1.4 to download now... Then to enable dev mode and get preware up and running.

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