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    So I've replaced the notification sounds in my Pre but wanna go back to stock, from my understanding you really can't unless you have the sound files somehow...can someone post them for me?

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    How did you replace them? Did you overwrite the sound files themselves or just change which sound is used in the settings?
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    Any other sounds you select in settings, once you do, there's no "go back to default" and they aren't listed either...

    (It's under sounds & ringtones)

    The default sounds are stored in the phone hidden, and there's no way to switch back once you do use something else of your own picking...(not that I know of at least, even with a search done on these forums)
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    Best method (if you mean overwriting them) would be to download the webOS Doctor, and open the .jar in winRAR, or 7zip, or something of the sort, then drill down until you see the Pre's folder structure, and browse to /media/internal.

    Technically the ringtones and sounds are all copywrite of Palm, so it's not really legal to post them, though I doubt they'd go after you for that.
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    Although not in the exact place you said...I found them doing a global search for *.wav in the Webosdoctor Jar file...I thank you very much :-)

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