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    Ok, is this a new patch for 1.4 or something. I remember reading other threads that the 800mhz patch burns out the processor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by etphoto View Post
    Ok, is this a new patch for 1.4 or something. I remember reading other threads that the 800mhz patch burns out the processor.

    Please find the most popular, linked to post in the history of this forum - thx
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    My first day of using the 800mHz one, with the stock battery, I hit the 20% remaining warning after 6 hours. That's with ~15 minutes on the phone, ~45 minutes of 3D games, a tiny bit of using GPS, and occasional web browsing, emailing, Tweeting, etc.
    Impressive. 3D games (NFS, Glyder2) give me up to 60% per hour battery drain (as per battery monitor).
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    THANK YOU so very much. It's because of you and the folk behind precentral, webOSquickinstall, etc that I am still running wit Palm! WebOS is awesome but ur efforts truly make it the best experience.... ***k the HTC Evo...... When you get that Android phone, I'm still going to say "My phone is better than yours!".... now Palm... it's your turn to keep me on board!
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    I've installed patch 800 for about 3 days and my stock battery seems to do fine. I can tell you guys now that my battery drains about the same rate. I fully charged it at 1130 PM (unplugged) woke up about 07:30 AM it showed 94% left.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Armchair Commando View Post
    Ive been doing some initial testing with the 720 kernel and battery life does not seem to have drastically changed. If you haven't already, get the battery monitor app from Preware and you can monitor changes in your battery life based on your individual usage.
    i installed the 800 patch today, and it has drastically changed my pre's performance. I also downloaded the battery monitor too but was curious if this app runs in the background?
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    3 days since i installed the 800mhz kernel, im looking at 3-5% drain increase vs 15-20% drain increase when i was on best thing that has happen to my phone to date. also when i was running the 800mhz kernel on my phone would get like 5 C more hot then now when im back on 1.4. :-), i love my Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    k very few heat issues it runs between 38 - 44 when running multiple apps and only scales the heat to the 44 usually when streaming and doing other things only at the same time that are over the internet. So far the phone has been flying thru apps adn i can open up several apps. I tried Assassins creed and tried openning up others apps and guess what.. it worked. usually people report that 3rd games and multiple apps dont mix now they do... I installed the background temp monitor patch, so if my phone gets 45 itll send a warning and anything higher around 50 sends a red flag so you shut down and dont fry your phone, and soI wouldnt have to keep battery monitor up. Battery drain is low, if my phone has no apps running and screen is off drain has been as low as 3-4 per hr and only when streaming do I get to 18-23 per hr drain which is still 4 hours on full battery of internet streaming or other internet relates joys.
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