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    I woke up this morning, turned on my pre (aeroplane mode) and was waiting for my emails to arrive...

    unfortunately there came only a few mails.
    after a few moments, waiting for more, i opened the mail prog and saw a blank white screen... only on the left there was the icon of new mail.

    At this moment the situation is still not changed...

    i looked at the prefs: no mail accounts and everything in off..
    Tried to install new account, 1h later: still nothing happend..

    somebody has a clue?!
    what can i do? What can be the problem?!

    thx in advance!!
    a roller with a palm pre...
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    Redoctor, especially if you still have that LinkedIn problem you mentioned a while back.
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    i did it! it worked!

    tried all the manuals i could find, didn't work.. problems with the instalation, problems with the SDK, ...

    and then i found this one:

    worked great for me! perfect explanation and clear and simple!

    (mail is working, and i do have Linked'In! )
    a roller with a palm pre...

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