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    is this an issue with my phone or the receivers phone? I have sent pictures to this person before. I have full bars right now.
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    This has happened to me since 1.4, I can get pics, but I can't send pics
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    My wife had a similar issue prior to the 1.4 update where she was unable to send or receive pictures in text messages. Updating to 1.4 solved it for her.

    Anyway, are you able to send pictures to or receive them from anyone else? Is "this person" having issues receiving pictures from anyone else?
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    could be just a temp issue with the networks? I don't have any problems doing this but again, who's to say what happens with the networks.
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    yea, i have a feeling it's just a temporary problem with the network. thank you for the replies.
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    What network? O2 UK have multiple problems with MMS, pictures work when they want and video sends (sometimes) but cannot be received from another O2 device.
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    i'm on sprint
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    I found that if you browse your phone in USB mode you will find a folder called "attachments" in here were all the mms pics and video that i had tried to send but had failed, clearing the contents of this folder got things working again for a while, but as soon as 1 message fails the folder begins to fill up again and so continues the loop :-(

    disclaimer **this is done at your own risk**
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    I was having this exact problem yesterday, sending from my Pre to my Wife's Pixi, both on Sprint.

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