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    No wonder the Pre doesn't have a change. Google is fattening pockets

    Google Is Paying Carriers and Phone Makers to Adopt Android (Phone Scoop)
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    Of course, it's fine and dandy for Google to do this. There isn't--and shouldn't be--any law against it. But, it should also serve as a reminder to folks that Google is in the mobile space exclusively to drive people to Google properties so they can sell ads. And selling ads is Google's entire business model.

    That's why I want Palm to survive. They're the only company right now that's dedicated to making great smartphones, other than RIM (whose products I just find patently boring). Apple is becoming a consumer products company making dumber and dumber devices meant to serve up media content. Google wants to sell ads. And Microsoft wants to create an integrated platform across the PC, Xbox, and mobile (although, don't get me wrong: that's pretty compelling it they can pull it off).

    Yeesh, it's frustrating.
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