View Poll Results: How often do you record video on your Palm device?

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  • Haven't used it

    32 11.27%
  • Less than 2 times

    72 25.35%
  • Less than 10 times

    83 29.23%
  • More than 10 times

    97 34.15%
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  1. xtn
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    I use it three or four times per week probably.

    Just to catch twenty seconds of vid when my kid is up to bat in his baseball game or something like that. I've never produced a feature length movie with it.
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    I use it several times a week and what I wish for is some zoom function....besides that this camera is awesome and I mean it.
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    quite a bit but i do not know the recording limit

    anyone know?
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    Used it once to test it out. I bought my pre without video, getting it was just another benefit of a great phone and company willing to help please the consumer. With Palm, Precentral and preware, I have a pretty darn awesome phone. These developers bend over backwards for us and I appreciate that.

    Thanks guys
    Phones in Family pre> pre> pre> Centro> Rant
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    I rarely use it & I haven't been able to successfully send a video that I recorded via MMS yet.
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    the pre has video?...
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