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    32 11.27%
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    72 25.35%
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    83 29.23%
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    97 34.15%
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  1. mc25mc's Avatar
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    few times a day - don't have problem with video/audio out of sync or anything. a couple times it took a little while to open but it is wonderful with my 3 kids being able to do video when we don't have our "real" camcorder
  2. StevenX's Avatar
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    It wasn't a feature I particularly cared for, and it bugged me that everyone here was getting so angry about it and posting ridiculous "I'm leaving webOS if we don't get video recording TOMORROW!" type posts. And the same thing is happening at times with voice memos, another feature I've never used on any previous phone, and never will use.

    I think their time would be (/would have been) better spent on having rolled out the international App Catalog faster, improving the Facebook app faster, integrating Windows Live Messenger into Synergy (which would be a big draw for Europeans), having sped up development of the PDK, and improving the APIs available to developers. A good Facebook app and Live Messenger support for example are two relatively killer features if advertised correctly in Europe; video recording, not so much.

    Hopefully now video recording's out the way, Palm can work on things which are more important and will have wider reaching impacts to the average user than video recording which a vocal minority of fans bleated on about for months on end.
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    so you have as options Never and Less than 2 times? What about 1 time instead? I use my video recording at least 3 times a week. I record my kids and family a lot and it is really fun to be able to upload to youtube and share it on facebook with my family and friends. Thank you Palm!
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    I don't use it frequently. But to be fair, I don't often feel the urge to use video recording. And on all of my previous devices, I rarely considered the camcorder worth using on those few occasions.

    The Pre's camcorder, though, is pretty damned fantastic enough that now anytime I think to record something, I don't hesitate to start shooting.
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    i use it a lot. It's the one thing my friend used to be able to do with her cheap samsung phone and now her droid....but now I can too.

    Biggest problem I have is the video is "too high" a quality for MMS. The droid video clips she sends are lower res but longer in seconds. We need a "quality" setting in the video app. Can this be patched?
  6. jsabo's Avatar
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    I've only used it a few times, but part of that is because I just got a new camera that supports 720P, and I've actually had that with me the few times that I was going to shoot video.

    Had I not had that new camera, it would have been used 2X as much.

    For me, the Pre is the "always have it" device-- it's nice to know that I'm not going to wind up missing something because I chose not to bring one of the better devices with me. And I expect that the ability to upload video directly to Facebook is going to see a LOT of use when summer comes.
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    I've found the video quality to be decent (for a general purpose device), but the audio is always really quiet, since the only microphone is the one on the opposite side of the phone as the video/photo lens. Plus, I've had at least one video where the video was horribly lagged behind the audio (and the lag increased as the video went on).

    On the other hand, I've found it to be a very convenient way to record audio notes. I contribute to OpenStreetMap and often want to make note of things while I'm driving. If I'm on an Interstate, I can't exactly pull out a pencil and paper, but I can record a message as I go by. The app does take a while to start up, so whem I'm mapping, I just leave it running with the keyboard open and hit the space bar to start and stop recording.
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    I was impressed by the audio and video quality for a cell phone. Ignore the fact that I wasn't paying attention to aiming, but check out the sound on a string orchestra (albeit kids) here:

    SO much better than any other phone I've used.

    With sound quality like this, I am eager for a sound recorder.

    Two notes: I haven't a problem uploading 8 minutes files to youtube, although it took forever for them to process it. It e-mails too, but that I had to shrink.

    I can't figure out how to upload it to Facebook (love the upload picture feature in the app). Is it a tweak?
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  9. edlex's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by safrits View Post
    I use it rarely only for the fact that video I do take I want to send to my wife or friends and the file is always too big no matter how short the video.
    My problem too.
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    used it twice only. ever. i don't use video recording. Video recording is like twitter to me. you need it cause people want it but personally it's something i don't use often. Although i check twitter 10 times more then i record video so maybe that's not a great analogy.
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    Just used it last night to record my daughters first School Choir. Don't know what I'd do without it, and not having it made me miss my Centro.
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    I record videos of my 1 year old just about everyday. Not to mention my family loves it as well when I upload them straight to facebook.
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    I haven't really ever used it but its one of those things were people choosing between the Pre or the iPhone or a blackberry who can't decide are going to compare each aspect and video recording was just a glaring thing to not have.
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    It's not something I need often, but it's like a spare tire or the $20 I keep hidden in my shoe. When I need it, I really NEED it.

    Puppies and kids don't wait until I grab the video camera, and putting it on youtube or facebook it so much better than connecting my camera to the computer, downloading it, uploading it, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoRock View Post
    so you have as options Never and Less than 2 times? What about 1 time instead? I use my video recording at least 3 times a week. I record my kids and family a lot and it is really fun to be able to upload to youtube and share it on facebook with my family and friends. Thank you Palm!
    I love your signature about the iPad! My theory is that was AT&T's first design proposal to Apple for the iPhone before Apple redesigned it to be smaller...

    But, did you see the april fools joke about Palm Patents? There was a post about Palm having received a patent on over-clocking and battery life improvement. If you actually looked at the patent, it had nothing to do with over-clocking etc. It has something to do with isolating multiple radios (wifi and cellular) in the same device.

    It was hysterical.
  16. bill2455's Avatar
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    I have 5 grandkids and use video frequently. I've noy encountered any problems to note. For me, app works fine. Expect to see smaller file sizes in future releases or via patch.
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    I don't know if I hit the lottery, or if my Pre is just unique to all the rest, but I haven't had a single problem with video shooting. I have shot about an hour's worth of video already, and I plan to shoot more as well. No a/v sync errors, no lag, no choppiness, no waiting forever for the camera to open, no overclocking patch. It just works. Quality is great.
    I did not try the uploading to youtube, facebook, photobucket, etc. I did however copy two videos on my computer to splice them together, and then upload. The following was shot with my pre:
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    I use it fairly often on my kids.

    Its also pretty good for the ever popular dyno runs.

    It loads slowly sometimes even with the 800mhz patch. It needs work because like someone else mentioned it feels very beta
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hybrid AWD View Post
    I have used it pretty often when I go out to the piano bar

    That singing is horrible
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    I use it often with a 4yr old and 2yr old whose grandmother lives in Atlanta. Nothing like shooting a quick 45 sec vid of them playing at the park/zoo, and uploading to youtube for all their family to see...
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