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    Hey all. I have the Seidio Innocell 2600mAh Extended Battery. I would like to get a Holster for this. Does anyone know which one is available for this? I looked at the available holsters and didn't see one labeled as such.

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    Try this Case Logic case:

    I have one and love it. Super inexpensive too! I found mine at Target after seeing the review above.
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    May want to look at this site...

    Seidio Online Store

    EDIT: Look towards the bottom of the page.
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    Unfortunately, right after I posted this, I finally got through to one of the Seidio online chat reps. They DO NOT have a clip holster compatible with the extended battery.

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    Right....but I'm looking for a Holster. I should be more clear....a Clip Holster. Don't think I'm going to have any luck with that though. Thanks for the suggestions. I might go with that Case Logic case.

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