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    I just bought a Palm Pre and I love it far more than any windows or blackberry phone I ever had and far more than my old iphone. Its also, in my opinion, more of a draw for me than the android is.

    And I am sure that even though I am posting this, many users have mentioned this and Palm is aware. But I figure I could voice my opinion and hopefully make these things more of a reality than not. Now basically the options I added would help me to work better with my Pre. But there are some items that just need to be there which are in almost all smartphones these days. I put two ** next to those items. The other stuff would just make my life easier as well as other peoples lives and would put the pre ahead of the competition. I know most of these can be used by adding patches. But its a hassle to have to add them and then remove them everytime an update comes along. So for now, I say go ahead with the planned 1.4.1 WebOS update. But I do think that by 1.4.5, it should have these features.

    So here goes:


    *Support for LDAP Syncing

    *More than one photo

    *Add videos of the person


    **Better search including the ability to search for categories or in general even in the notes.

    *An option to link Contacts to their spouses and children.

    **Add more options for anniversaries and dates and such and have it show up on the calendar automatically.

    *Ability to add a different video and or photo to each type of phone number.

    **Ability to Jump to a letter or category.

    **A sorting feature to sort by companies, phone number, last name, first name, address, etc....

    *Ability to add a middle name as well as a Maiden Name.

    *Ability to add more than one note and child.


    *Ability to customize what details are shown on the call screen, such as what phone number they are calling from, multiple photos or even a video of the person.

    **Ability to see Received calls, missed calls, placed calls along with a duration and timestamp. (I know some of these are there already).

    *Add a fast dialing system for the first digits 1 through 0. Basically you can assign a number to speed dial. Holding that button will allow the speed dial to dial automatically.

    **Before dialing from Missed calls or contacts, let it ask you if you want to call. Dont just call right away.

    Verizon Specific:

    **Support for Visual VoiceMail

    **VZ Navigator 5

    *Vcast Videos and music


    **Ability to search calendar

    **Ability to see colors on month view.

    *Year View - This is possible. I have seen this on other devices with smaller screens.

    *Ability to add a contact to the Calendar Event.

    *Attachments from the calendar.


    *Changing the theme of the IM screen.

    **Seeing the character and page count as we type

    *Automatically changing to MMS to add Video, sound and pictures.

    **Ability to beam messages and conversations.

    *Ability to not only view as conversations, but also individual messages.

    *IM logins for MSN, MSN Live, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook.


    **Add support for Panaramic view

    **Add support for digital zoom in and out using the volume keys and multi touch.

    **Add an option for Shutter Sound

    **Support for Face recognition and light detection.

    **Ability to set the resolution of the pictures and videos being taken.

    **A menu option for all of this.

    *Add features for Focus and Exposure.

    *Image modes such as Black and White, Watercolor and other colors.

    **Scene modes such as Landscape, portrait, Sunset, Dusk, Night time and Action.

    *After taking a photo, let it come up with an option on if you want to save or discard the photo, while it shows you a preview of the image.

    **An option to add the photo video to your contacts, facebook, google Orkut, Twitter, MySpace, photobucket and others.

    **Ability to send as MMS after taking the photo/video along with an option to resize it to MMS size quality.

    *Timer so that the camera can shoot after a specific time.

    *An option to add backgrounds and scenery.


    **iPhone Spoofing.

    *Ability to send page link

    **Ability to remember passwords and logins

    **Ability to type in a new web URL while on any page.


    *Smiley faces

    Device Settings:

    *A setting where you can tell it to never shut off if its plugged in. This way the device is always on while being plugged in.

    *Led Notifications.


    **Ability to add new pages

    **Ability to set how many items are displayed per row

    *Ability to have page tabs and either name them or go by number.

    *Ability to change launcher background or make it transparent.

    **When moving an icon around, can there be a way of doing a cut and paste on the icon, rather than dragging it across screens? One option would be to hold your finger down, it cuts it, then goto the page you want to move it to and click on it and it gets pasted.

    New Features:

    **An on screen Keyboard

    **Many if not all apps and features should support the accelerometer, landscape/portrait and instant flipping.

    *An option to control the transitions when flipping with the accelerometer.

    *On the launch bar, add an IM icon since a lot of people use that more than the E-mail Icon.

    *On the launch bar, Add a speed Dialer contacts view which would display 15 contacts by photo and you can click one to dial.

    *An ability to start with the launcher opened or with just a background,

    Title Bar:

    **Date and time with day of the week: Day of the Week mm/dd/yy hh/mm/ss/am-pm: EG: Mon 2/12/10 11:13:05AM

    **Put the percentage of the battery next to the battery icon.

    Music Player:

    *Add an option for bookmarking.

    **Add a scrollbar to move to a position in the song.

    *Ability to create your own playlist.

    *Ability to find Lyrics online

    *Basically whatever the music player remix can do.


    **Ability to sync with other Microsoft devices.

    Volume Settings:

    **Add from loudest to quietest to Vibrate to no sound at all. I miss the vibrate option on this phone as a setting.


    **Better battery life

    **Faster loading (Even though I think it does well already)

    **Bug fixes.

    Possible features for programming:

    *Support for Allegro

    *Support for LUA

    *Support for OpenGL (If its not supported currently)

    *Support for QT (If its not supported currently)

    *Support for AngelScript

    If anyone wants to add or agree, go ahead. But please use the same format as I just did. Thanks for listening Palm.
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    Couple of these already exist. To enter a new URL in the browser just scroll all the way to the top and tap on the bar that pops down and start typing. Also you can drag icons off the launcher bar and then put others on if you want, like messaging.
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    Yeah, but everytime there's an update to webos, I need to uninstall every patch and re-install them. Not really how I want to go about doing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdiperla View Post
    Yeah, but everytime there's an update to webos, I need to uninstall every patch and re-install them. Not really how I want to go about doing it.
    No you don't. Thats what all the auto patch magic was that came out before 1.4. Worst case scenario is after an update you may be missing some patches until they are updated. Was a very seamless process for me last time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdiperla View Post
    Yeah, but everytime there's an update to webos, I need to uninstall every patch and re-install them. Not really how I want to go about doing it.
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    Oh. For some reason I thought that I needed to uninstall them. Well screw that. Keep on making those patches fella's!
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    also, speed dial already exists. Go to a contact, tap/swipe upper left corner, set speed dial is an option. You can use any of the letters, except for e (which is 1 on the sym layer) which is reserved for voicemail. So instead of 9 speed dial numbers, you 25!

    Once you set it, you just hold the key and it should dial automatically. Just make sure you're not in an app (card view, I think is the official name for it) when dialing.
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    AUPT is lovely. Worked very well during the Update to 1.4
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    I just hope they fix the "too many cards" bug. That one causes me to close everything and restart 3 times a day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdiperla View Post
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    *sighs* I long for the day Palm releases an official software keyboard. I'm still a little iffy about the patches and homebrew
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    How about they focus on making everything much more efficient so there is no need to overclock and battery life will increase.
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    Voice command!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    And Flash
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    I just want them to add back all the functionality we took for granted in PalmOS.... please?
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    the main thing i need is a GOOD speech to text program for emails and texts. I office out of my car for the most part and find it challenging to text and email while driving, especially in a school zone now that there watching.

    the rest is fluf
    Pre be with you.

    Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. -- Winston Churchill

    Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities. -- Aldous Huxley
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    I just hope they mean it when Adobe says it'll be out for Palm in 1st half 2010.
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    I only wish for a phone that does not miss calls and texts, and does not randomly reboot when I try to turn on the screen. This never happened prior to 1.4. And no, doctoring with no patches installed didn't help.
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    My wish is simple. When in screen off mode while on touchstone, display date and day of week in addition to time of day.

    I second the need to have calendar search capability.
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