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    My Pre turns off on its own all the time. Every morning when I wake up, my phone is connected to the charger, turned off, and not fully charged. This morning it was turned off, and when I turned it back on it was at 9% battery after an entire night of sitting on the charger.

    I bought the phone the day it came out in stores and was swindled into buying best buy's "insurance" because it was "far superior to Sprint's." I took the phone to best buy today telling them that I need a new phone. They tell me they can't replace it, they have to send it off to palm for repairs which takes 2 weeks. Who the hell would ever do that? She said they only do in-store trade-ins with blackberrys.

    What's my next step? There has to be a way I can just exchange this thing or get someone to send me a new one before I send this one off. Anyone with some experience in the matter?
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    There is a bug with some of the touchstones where they will charge up the battery and then instead of keeping it charged, it will drain the battery if left on the entire night. Couple of questions: Have you plugged the phone directly into the wall with just the cord and does the battery keep the charge when you wake up? Have you charged it on the touchstone and when it has a full charge, taken it off the touchstone and wake up in the morning, does it still have a charge?

    Need to see if you have a bad battery, touchstone, or phone itself first before you go and deal with the insurance.
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    If money isn't an issue, just buy a new one! And if the Pre is not what you want, then you're going to have to do some research as to which phone is the best replacement. A friend of mine has the HERO and he loves it, but every time I tell and show him the features on the Pre, his jaw drops and a look of jealousy follows. Touching the touch stone is best feature on the Pre, as well as the Navigation and small external keyboard along with the Virtual Keyboard if you know how to do the Preware route. I feel it isn't an issue using Preware. Pre owners who don't have any aftermarket mods still have the same problems as those who modified their Pres.

    With all of this said, just use your insurance, pay the $100 and get another Pre. IMHO, you are not going to find a better phone with the awesone aftermarket accessories, i.e. TOUCHSTONE!!! Pea Soup.
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    Palm just informed me they would send me a new phone for 30 bucks, and I wouldn't have to send mine back until I got the replacement. Time to cancel my bestbuy insurance that **** is obviously a waste of money.
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    I would go back to Best Buy and try to talk to someone else. At worst, you should have to wait a few days for a replacement phone to come to the store, but you shouldn't have to send your phone away for repair.

    Or, Sprint has open enrollment during the Month of March into their TEP program. You can add that for a month for $4 (just get the equipment protection, not the insurance) and take the phone to Sprint and they'll get you a refurb within a day or two. Still have to wait a couple days but you get to hang on to your malfunctioning phone and I think they have a small service charge.

    You can also do a warranty claim with Palm and they will send a replacement phone, however, they require you to pay full value for the replacement and then credit you back once they receive your malfunctioning phone later.

    Personally, if Best Buy won't budge, I would go the Sprint route as they're generally no questions asked regarding a replacement phone as long as the phone it's replacing isn't smashed or waterlogged.
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    12:54 PM Help: Since this seems to be a hardware issue, I am going to tell you about our repair options:
    12:54 PM Help: The Repair and Return option takes 5 to 7 days starting from the day we receive your defective device at our repair facility. We will ship your repaired device back to you using 2-Day Air.
    12:54 PM Help: The other option is Advance Exchange.
    12:55 PM Help: The advance exchange option is $29.95 USD. Within 3-5 business days after you submit an advance exchange request, Palm sends you a replacement device along with instructions on how to ship the faulty device back to us. This way, you won’t be without a device.
    12:56 PM Me: a replacement device meaning a new pre that i get to keep?
    12:56 PM Help: Yes, you need to keep the replacement Pre.

    This is with palm tech support. I think the advance exchange sounds like my best bet, especially if its a brand new phone. my phone is a little worn so I wouldn't mind a new one. i dont know if i really inferred strongly enough that i wanted to know if the replacement was brand new or not in my question. at best buy they said the best they could do is give me a "loaner phone" which was not a pre, im pretty sure it was not a smartphone, aka worthless.

    i guess i'm going to clarify whether or not the palm replacement will be brand new or not. if its a refurb, i might as well go to a sprint store.

    are the refurbs generally free of scratches and tarnish?
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    I have bestbuys insurance, and the first time my pre broke(december) they sent it in, it took 3 day and they just gave me a new one. My pre broke again and I took it to best buy on the 10th, they told me that they would have it ready on the 22nd, today is the 25th and I'm still waiting for it. Also they gave me a Pre with a 150 dollar deposit, and Ill get my mony back once I get my other pre back( I hope is a new one again).
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    If the phone is under a year old (Which they all should be) you should be able to take it to the sprint store and have them order a replacement for free. If the problem is not of your fault (your dropped it ect.) then it should be covered under the Manufacture warranty. Take it to a sprint store, have them look at it. If it's a known issue bam refurb phone for free. Palm is going to send you the same thing they send the sprint store.

    From my understanding all refurbs have new casings. Essentially the only thing they reuse is the innards (Screen circuit boards, radios, ect.) Every refurb I got back from the sprint store had the protective plastic over the phone and looked brand new.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jkohlhepp86 View Post
    i guess i'm going to clarify whether or not the palm replacement will be brand new or not. if its a refurb, i might as well go to a sprint store.

    are the refurbs generally free of scratches and tarnish?
    The only ways to tell it's a refurb is if you check the device info and it has a recondition date.

    The phone, wear and tear-wise will be identical to a new phone out of the box.

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