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    I just got a replacement Pre from Sprint for the music volume icon issue...this new one is even worse than the one I had!!!

    I get the "This app requires XX must delete some apps..." error every time!

    Palm Profile apps would not install
    Manual installation from App store also does not work.

    I tried the Full Erase, same problems
    I tried WedOS Doctor for 1.4...same problems
    I tried Full Erase AND WebOS doctor...same problems
    I tried creating a new Palm Profile...SAME PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had several issues with my original Pre, but this one is even worse...I tried to give the Pre a chance, and now I'm really starting to regret it

    Any help would be very much appreciated!
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    Swap it for a new one. Sounds like yours is totally busted even after you used webOS Doctor. There are good Pres out there, I have one. Once you get a good one you'll feel very good about the Pre.

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