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    It all depends on the pocket.

    I usually carry mine in a nice sturdy holster I had left over from.......I think my 800w, might have actually bought it before then........., but in the rare instance I need to look more professional without a gadget hanging off my belt or pocket edge, into the pocket it goes. Dress pants have loose pockets, jeans......not so much.
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    I have a launch day pre and I have always kept it in my pocket. Just a few days ago I keyed the screen. It's not horrible but I can feel it when I moce my fingers across it. I have heard it's not glass. So I am guessing car windshield repair won't work. Do you think it can be fixed? Thanks
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    always in the pocket. Had an invishshield on it for a month but it was terrible. Mostly it's been naked and looks great.
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    No dorky side holster here, Zagg shield and TS back, been riding in my pockets now for almost 10 months and still looks brand new.
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    been thinking about purchasing a Radio Flyer for it. Then if I wrap it in bubble wrap and place it in the RF, I know it'll never get a scratch.

    errr, i mean, pocket.
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    Carry in my left front scrub pocket in it's "sleeping bag" (black microfiber sleeve).
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    Weekends pocket, work days my backpack has a phone pouch.
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    I'm all pocket. It's small. I use the sleeping bag to keep the wear and tear on it down.
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    I use the leather case with belt clip that I bought for my BB Storm. Fits in there nicely.
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    I can fit about 10 pres in my pocket... So yea...
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