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    My Palm Pre has a very tempermental volume control.
    It all started when I plugged a pair ofiPod headphones into the jack.
    My phone was constantly stuck on headset mode and I had to talk on speaker phone.
    A WebOS Update fixed it, but now I have another problem.
    During a phone call my sound randomly switches between speaker and headset mode.
    When I'm not on the phone, the volume control comes up and starts flashing the music volume control between 0 and full extremely rapidly. When I am playing music through the speaker phone and I stop to take a picture or something, my music refuses to restsart playing. When I plug in my Palm issued head phones, they are very sensitive and I have to constantly twist the prong in the jack to make music play out of both ear pieces.

    The sound randomly cuts out when I'm talking to my girlfriend and it is annoying as all hell. I just can't take it anymore.

    It was not like this when I first got my phone. If the phone were older (6 months or so), I would understand it having some software issues. What do I do?
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    Nah, warranty, it has to be physical. Change it!
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    Yup! I had that SAME exact thing, but 1.4 somewhat fixed it for me. Replace the phone.

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