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    app catalogue no longer show beta, but there is no paid apps, can only be a matter of days now
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    Mar 31 is the official launch date.
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    If I see one more thread on this, I'm going to scream
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    of you don't want to read the threads then don't. And don't take the trouble to reply.

    I know it is officialy supposed to come out of Beta on the 31st but the removal of the beta banner is significant.
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    It's on the way towards the release of the paid store.
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    It's also the third thread on the removal of the BETA banner. I do read threads you know.
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    Almost thought I would see some apps this morning because it loaded up the place holder for the app icons and then it all vanished.
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    I am wondering if we will now have access to more than the current 471 apps that are available in the UK now.

    So on the 31st. March we will see a number totalling over 1000 possibly.

    Also how to sort out payment, is there a slide setup to manage this already on the Palm Pre?? No doubt will find out on Wednesday and see the details on the forums...
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    Only 499 apps available in Canada at the moment.
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    Plus there has been no updates to the app catalog since Saturday.

    Is it dangerous to assume we are going to be hit loads of new games etc. I am ready and waiting with the cash....
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    I guess there will be the whole range except for country specific ie UK will not have acces to German only languae apps, and I believe there are quite a few of them, likewise apps belonging to the netwrok carriers such as Sprints navigation etc
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    I assume we'll not see the full list of US apps suddenly when Palm switches from free to paid app catalog version for Europe. But potential revenue should be a big enough motivator for 90% of the developers to take a few hours or days to make a few adjustments to their apps and resubmit them for worldwide distribution. I bet quite an amount of devs have already done that as soon as Palm anounced the Europe opening two weeks ago.

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