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    I just doctored my phone and I totally forgot this app. I remember you clicked on it and it would say something like "EVDO/1FF OFF" or something like that and when you clicked it again, it would turn on.

    It helped a lot to save battery life and it was epic. Can anyone find this for me? I searched and couldn't find it.
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    It's not an app. You have to have Preware and install the "Data On/Off" patch.
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    Well for me, it was a thing I clicked-on on my launcher page.
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    The non-patched way is to open the phone app and go under preferences and turn Data Usage Off.. .

    There is an app for that too but the patch is extremely convenient.
    Everybody wants some!..
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    Its called data toggle
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    You can search the main for "Data toggle" and "GPS toggle" dedicated apps, or better yet try "Quick System Tasks" which lets you toggle all kinds of system settings (data, gps, bluetooth, radio, display brightness, etc.), also straight from an launcher app - useful if you don't want to use patches
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    can you still get email notifications with data toggled to off position
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    I think you will still get notifications if connected via wifi...but with no wifi and no data...I think not. 75% sure about that answer...maybe only 70%!
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    You might want to consider ditching the Data Toggle button in favor of the Advanced Phone Menu Patch. Data Toggle was great before 1.4 but now that it opens the splash card it kinda defeats the purpose of a quick toggle switch.

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