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    I've seen conflicting info. Are we still at least 4 months away fom getting the apps porter over from the iPhone via the PDK? (other than a select few companies such as Gameloft). I keep hoping to see some new higher quality apps start to trickle in but I'm assuming there is a delay for some reason.
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    Where did you get 4 months from? They said when they released the PDK that they needed another software update in order for security reasons and would be here before the first half of the year. This is the last thing I've heard. Gameloft and EA got special privileges.
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    Yes, Palm said the update to allow widespread distribution would be released sometime in the first half of the year. So, by my reckoning that's three months from now, or less.

    I'll add that I think Palm understands the importance of timing with this and everything else their doing, and so I'm guessing that they're working feverishly to get this done as soon as possible.
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