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    My pre has a few problems so took it to a sprint store. Tech said needs to be exchanged under warranty but there are zero pre's to be found at any sprint store in Phoenix. So I guess I gotta call sprint and have them send me a replacement.

    But my question is where are all the Pre's? Are they not stocking them or are sales better than seems to be reported and they're sold out?
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    They're in my closet.
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    They lied to you lol
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    Maybe all of those unsold Pre's are in Verizon's warehouses, not Sprint's.
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    Repair replacements are sent from the repair warehouse. Many repair centers simply tell people they are out of the phone to avoid the argument about replacing from inventory, I don't like to lie to people so I actually explain the policy. I can't remember the last time we replaced a customer phone from our inventory. It can be done in some rare instances but has to be approved at the district level.
    The above applies to 3rd party repair centers, Sprint corporate locations that have a repair center have more flexibility.
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    My local Sprint store is the main repair center for my area, and even they have to order replacements in, depending on the problem. If the entire phone needs to be replaced due to a greater failure than they can handle locally, then yes, they have to have one shipped from the warehouse.

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