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    On my 3rd replacement pre... I was so excited to start over with a fresh Pre that not only do i drop it on the floor. I watch it hit my shoe and slide across the room on its screen.... Somebody kill me please.
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    ouch! i felt the same way when my pre slid inside the side of my car seat and discovered 2 visible scratches on my screen.hopefully yours didnt scratch up the screen!
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    Lmao like Mexico. That must of hurt, you must of felt your gut rise as if you was on a ride lol
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    my screen is trashed.... like ten scratches... sucks bad. think im gonna pop it in the microwave for 30 secs and tell sprint they shipped me a lemon... LOL
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    awww man i remember the first time i dropped my pre, was about a foot drop and it landed on my two feet luckily. Since then i got the invisible sheild so if i ever do drop it i won't get a scratch, you may want to look into that.
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    Velcro gloves. You needz them.
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    Haha OP the same exact thing happened to me. It was my third pre and my previous 2 I have never dropped, but as I was pulling it out of my pocket it snagged and fell out of my hand, bounced off my shoe, and slid down a steep driveway and left some deep scratches across the center of the screen.

    I tried plugging some headphones in to get it locked in headphone mode because I wanted a new one but apparently they fixed the issue :rofl: I've grown accustomed to my scratches now though haha
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    Hey, leave Mexico alone, it's not all about drugs and insecurity, we have beautiful cities and landscapes hehehe...

    I dropped mine about 2 weeks after I bought it, chipped a small plastic corner. After that, it fell and slide a bit on its screen, but since I never removed the factory screen protector, nothing bad happened really
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    Bah, you beat me :P
    Anyway, I know my country, and I know that even if those are crappy news, there's still a lot of good stuff happening

    Have you tried polishing your screen? I've read that using toothpaste or other fine polishers would work on plastic.
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    invasa shield the ***** out of your phone and you'll be worry free for the future.

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