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    So i had posted how my phone was water damaged while at Sea World and today FedEx showed up with my new replacement phone. Everything went so smooth while setting it up, it was like i was holding my old phone. All the apps, bookmarks, and contacts magically came back. However i was anxious to start shooting some video when i discovered that the OS was still 1.3.5! I'm on Verizon and thought for sure the new phones are shipping with 1.4.0. I wonder how much old stock they are sitting on and if anyone who has purchased one on Verizon has experienced this once getting it home? Its no deal breaker as i'm up grading now as slow as it is i'll be back to normal soon. It made me curious if somewhere on the box there is a production date or on the phone itself. FYI the phone came from cross country not my local Verizon store as they only had the Pixi in stock. Its brand new and not a refurb i checked on this.
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    dial ##786# on dialer and then when the screen comes up, scroll down to look at your warranty date code, that will tell you how old the phone is.

    most of the sprint phones over the past 9 months did not come with the latest software so your story is not surprising.

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