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    Quote Originally Posted by sillyricky View Post
    what about unthrottle download manager? should i uninstall that patch before installing 720 or 800?
    Well...That really doesnt even have any effect with the 800 patch. And just i the only one still having problems with the Multi Mod patch? downloads the songs but i cant play them on the pre's music player.
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    I know the OP's question has been answered, but for anyone else who might be curious: Additional launcher pages, their contents, and their names are NOT affected by a Doctor or full wipe. They are part of your Palm profile (I found this out when I replaced my first Pre). You won't see the names until you reinstall the patch (if you had it in the first place), but all pages will be accessible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thegame2388 View Post
    So I kinda wanna doctor my phone, so I can a totally FRESH slate when it comes to speed and everything (maybe I shouldnt?)

    But before I do, I have a few q's

    1) Will all my patches be removed?

    2) Will all my homebrew apps be removed??

    3) I have the 'Add Launcher Pages' and 'Named Launcher Pages' patch, will those be removed? I have 5 pages currently, so after, will I have 3? It takes a LONG *** TIME to organize everything by moving them around and around with only my finger lol

    4) Should I even doctor to begin with?
    You dont have to remove anything.

    The custom kernel is completely separate from patches. But you *must* be aware you have to uninstall it before updating webOS. While I dont foresee kernel source changes in the 1.4.x tree it cant be guaranteed, so be safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NordicMan View Post
    What do you mean. "800Mhz is coming out"? Some sorta tweak?

    And yeah when you doctor your phone you totally reset it to factory original, except for the carrier data.
    Not correct, you need to do a full erase then a dr to erase patches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by htabbach View Post
    Not correct, you need to do a full erase then a dr to erase patches.
    That is how I made sure my Pre was bare stock when testing these custom kernels.

    Full Erase then visit the Dr.

    I also tested with restoring from Palm backup, which worked for me, but caj2008 listed a potential problem if you have a crapload of games and such to restore. This is all documented.
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