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    I'm in canada and wondering do I need a creditcard or do I get a bill at the end of the month from Bell
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    The app catalog in the US uses a credit card/ debit card in the app to charge you. I do not know about Bell and Canada but I assume it will work the same
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    thanks. I guess I should start to actually pay off some off that debt so I got a little bit for fun. Haha
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    Just a note....your Canadian Debit card (Interac) will not work. You need one of the special VISA/MC debit cards. Unless Bell has arranged something with Palm.

    One of the drawbacks to adopting a national debit network in the early 80's was that the USA never did and so as a result VISA and MC picked up the business down here. Imagine my horror when I could no longer do e-mail money transfers.
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    can you use one of those PREpaid credit cards that you pick up at like bestbuy or something
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    zoompass, money transfers. though your phone, but they are working on an app for the pre, u can still do transferes from your account at zoompass just have to wait for the app to do it from your pre
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