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    As the title suggests, I am not running 1.4 and I am still experiencing the dreaded bug where calls and texts are not received. This is my personal chain of events. I recently received a refurb from a sprint service center. The phone originally came with webos on it. I didn't notice any issues right away and updated to 1.4. Shortly after updating I noticed I was missing texts and call notifications. I updated the prl and network settings but this was only a temporary fix because the problems came back a couple hours later. Since then I have run webos doctor 3 times for 1.4. With no avail i ran webos doctor for I still experienced the same problems. Just last night I ran web os doctor for 1.3.5 and I am still having the same issues. So I can safely say that this may not be just a 1.4 issue. To say the least I am very frustrated. Anyone have any advice?
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    You may want to try and run the Dr. back to 1.2, as they say that all later versions do not fully erase and restore the phone entirely. So you may still have some lingering effects from the 1.4.
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    Okay, I only happened to have 1.3.5 and saved on my computer. Is anyone willing to send me 1.2 or lower? Palm took down all of the later versions off the internet.
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    You'll need to use at 1.2 WebDr or use 1.4 Webdr AND also do a full erase from the device. That's the only way you'll get rid of 1.4 completely.
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    Which one do you do first?

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