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    Is there a short cut for entering a new, all-day event into the calendar?
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    sure is hit the start time then hit the i in a circle on that event. It will pull up a card to set the times at the top click the times, there is a tick box that says all day event. Shortest way I know of to do it. =D
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    Or try the Quick Event homebrew app
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    Quote Originally Posted by Audemars02 View Post
    Or try the Quick Event homebrew app
    That is just what I was looking for - many thanks ! I installed it and for my needs it will work just great.

    However, it looks like some have been having been experience a few glitches with the program since 1.4
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    Go to the menu (upper left corner) and hit "New", which opens up two new menu options, then select "All Day Event" - very simple!

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