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    One of my coworkers just looked at my phone and said, in a condescending voice, "Oh, don't you have an iphone?"

    I proceedied to show him the Pre's web browser, multitasking with multiple browsers open, Synergy features, keyboard, and my spare battery. He literally did not know what to say, except that his iphone syncs really well with his Mac. :-)

    I told him that my Pre syncs wirelessly with all my accounts, including Outlook via EAS.

    Boy, that was fun... :-)
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    I bet that was fun. I wish I get a similar opportunity......
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    heh heh heh aren't those moment awesome!
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    when my brother in law who has an iphone and is a master at using it,
    played and played and played with my plus.
    After asking about my battery life (I have a 2600 mAh), he tried to hide a disgusted look on his face as he handed the phone back to me and said "wow these phones have a lot in common".

    it's my brother in law so usually I wouldnt want to make things uncomfortable, but this is the same bro in law that talked all kinds of crap when he got his iphone and I had a treo 755.

    I said, "yeah, they have a lot in common besides the fact that mine has a keyboard, 16 gigs of memory and multitasks"
    He replied, "what multitask?"
    He then got a 20 minute tutorial on that.

    That stuff is so fun.
    I hate to say it again, but too bad Palm isnt capable of showing people up in a commerical the way that we show people up in our lives.
    They might sell a phone or 2.

    Just go balls out!!!!!!
    its frustrating,
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    hahahhaha man I love this.. Way to go guys palm pre kicks ***
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    epic win!

    I love showing off my Pre to iPhone users. Just the other day I had my friend raving about the gesture bar, and how much he hated having to always go back to the home screen for everything.
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    I did the same thing but the 3GS guy just showed me how "snappier" things were, and a few clever (free) apps that he had on his Iphone. I gotta say though I was jealous of his "snappiness" and build quality, and he was jealous of my "mytether", and claimed multi-tasking will only reduce battery life -- they aren't too far apart... I do wish that WebOS was as quick as the iPhone!
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    . . . firing up SPB TV, especially with EVDO tweaks in place, is another fun experience to shame iPhoners. I watched the health care debate on C-SPAN on my Pre!
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    ha ha that's priceless
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    I've done that. It's fun.
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    I'm actually training someone at work today who has an iPhone... I didn't even have to say a word, but after watching me play with my phone or a bit - I was flipping between a Web card, Tweed, Facebook and Messaging - he started asking all sorts of questions.

    The last question was "Do you think AT&T wil get a phone like that?"... that was the Priceless moment for me. ha
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