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    I hate having to agree with Mikah but on this one I will have to. If Palm makes a product that doesn't do what it was advertised to do or breaks all the time, (I'm not saying it does), then as a consumer we have a right to complain and hope that Palm hears us and makes the product better. There is no right to put out a bad product and expect to be successful. I had a Moto Q and had a ton of problems with it. I ended up getting Sprint to replace it with another phone (Centro) before my contract was up. A product that works is a right of the paying consumer.

    @Urkel but isn't the app catalog debate the same thing as the chicken or egg debate? I mean what comes first a device that people want to develop for so that consumers will buy it or a device consumers will buy so that developers will make apps for it.

    Could Palm offer incentives to big devs to make apps that people will ooh and aah about? I think they tried that but to limited success. Part of the problem might be Palms slow release of api's devs may need to make those great apps. I don't know.

    I think the biggest reason for Palms financial struggles rest heavily on their horrible, and I mean horrible, marketing. It took Palm almost 9 months to put out an almost decent ad. Even this still falls short of really telling people what all it is capable of doing. They may have expected Sprint and Verizon to put out the big hitting ads? If so that was foolish.

    I covered a bunch of different topics. Sorry everyone.
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    Android is an absolute mess. There are so many versions out there that they are having compatibility issues with new software. If I was to buy an android based phone how would I know whether it was the latest version. Sure it may be newly released today, but then what about tomorrow! Google needs to slow down before I am convinced.
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    Child or not, having it reboot on me a few times a day, especially in the middle of calls, means it deserves an *** whooping.
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