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    Is there a patch out there so I can set an alarm for an event a month out or even just a week?
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    Calendar will do it, no patch needed
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    Quote Originally Posted by tony222 View Post
    Calendar will do it, no patch needed
    Mine does not, neither does my wife's (both Pre's). The furthest out I get is 1 day. I have to set the calendar event in google calendar for anything longer.

    Are you certain? If so, how?

    I would like to have this. It has been posted about many times.
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    First, All Day events do allow you to set a reminder up to a week. As for timed events, no dice.

    *MY* Pre, however, does have that ability... because I specifically added it. I've been making this modification myself after each update ever since I found the file/code that controls it.

    I've asked for help turning it into a patch, but haven't had any takers. Which I find odd, as I seriously may have had to go back to my Centro without it. I would have gotten into serious trouble with just 1 Day and 1 hour reminders.

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