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    So i finally got my hands on a palm pre, it's from the UK unlocked with a rebel sim card and being used is the US. Absolutely love the phone, but i am limited which is my only complaint. I have no access to the app catalog so i can't download any apps. The phone has an older firmware and i'm not sure if it's because i am using a rebel sim or because the phone is from the UK but really wish i had access to the app store. I am moving over from an iphone 3gs which i still have in case i didn't like the pre but i do and i want to make the best of the pre the same way i did with my iphone. My iphone is jailbroken so i hacked the heck out of it and i added a bunch of 3rd party apps which i was looking forward to do with the pre but i don't think that will be happening, not even sure if i can run homebrew apps with a rebel sim, should've done more research but i was excited to get the phone.

    Anyways here is what i am planning to do eventually, sell my pre hold on to the iphone until att drops the pre in the US and get the pre again. With it being from the US i think that i will have more access and with it being gsm i think i will have no need for a rebel sim. Any thoughts on this??
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    Sounds like you have money to burn. Sell the Pre and get a Pre + on VZW. But yes, a NA Pre on AT&T will work correctly and a rebel sim will not be required.
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