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    is these a different patch now that oreintates the screen horizontal wen trying to text in landscape?..wats the point of having my virtual keyboard if i cant text in landscape! someone please help.i havent been on here in a while so im now jus seeing that i cant upload themes threw quick install
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    can any one help me understand please??!!
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    Maybe if you write in clear English, we could try to help you.
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    hehe santos - nice.
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    huh. Huh? HUH?
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    You're question isn't very clear, but I will try anyways. A week or so ago my accelerometer seemed to be stuck in a certain position, so things always appeared in landscape orientation. A full reboot seemed to fix the problem and I haven't seen it since.
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    sigh. what hes saying is that the messaging app only works portrait thus rendering his VK useless and wants to know if theres a patch that makes messaging work in jodimarley.....yes there a patch that does that. look in preware
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