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    I posted a thread and as soon as it was posted it was moved. I just look on the front page and counted 14 threads that i have seen before. Not mad because of the post i have seen before.... but becuase mine was moved. Come on.... the mods are kinda like the NBA, NFL call one foul call them all or dont call them at all. Really treat everyone the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What did you post?
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    why everyone is hating on the pre and loving the new HTC phone.... And how i like the Web OS. Oh i said the new HTC phone this thread is going to be moved..... 15 yards and you are now blocked from the forum.
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    All I did was move it to the Cross Platform forum.
    Even another member said you didn't need to start that thread.

    And then you spatted off a bunch of crap so I deleted it.

    Why are you so upset?

    Just post your thread in the correct forum, and there won't be a need to move it.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Just call me Berd.

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