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    I am finally going to be able to upgrade from my LG Voyager on April 9th and can't wait until I get Palm Pre Plus on verizon! I am wondering if there are any predictions or rumors that the price will be lowered by then? I know that every couple of days or so, the pre is only $80 because it is a deal ofthe day, however I don't just want to wait for that day. I'd prefer to not have to buy it at the $150 considering the blackberry storm 2 just recently got lowered to 99.99 and that was my first choice before I decided to go with palm.
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    $99 at Best Buy for the Pre Plus. Look around at other retailers that sell Verizon, the Pre on Sprint through their website is $150, but you can get it at Radio Shack for $80, I believe. If you buy tomorrow, and the price gets lowered within 30 days, you can have them price match and get the difference back.
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    I could go to best buy and other places, but if I go somewhere besides verizon, will let's say best buy have access to my account? The reason I am avoidng the really cheap 30 or 40 (i forgot) offer on precentral is because you have to build the plan from scratch and everything. Call me lazy but I just want to go tothe store and buy the phone without much hassle or go on the verizon website and click upgrade my phone.
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    Treo 600 > Treo 650 > HTC Mogul (*****!) > HTC Touch Pro (***** squared!) > PRE! > Epic
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    If I buy it from Amazon, it is still locked into the Verizon network right? Would I just have to go to the Verizon Website and click Activate my Phone?

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