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    Quote Originally Posted by skinneejay View Post
    I loved the little yellow taxi cab on my old centro. That easter egg was fun.
    wait i never got that!! i still have my centro, how did you find it?
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    N# 1 yp
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    1.enable eggs, go to the "prefs", then "power", then take the stylus and make a clockwise tiny little circle in the lower right hand corner of the screen, tiny, like 3x the size of the stylus tip, your circle will run over the "tips" button. It may take a few tries, take it slow and when you have it, a little Easter egg will pop up, click to remove if needed, or else leave the egg on the screen.

    Taxi cab.. you must have your egg on...Then go to a clean "memo" screen, hold down the scroll down button(it's going to beep and blip) then draw a line from the middle of the screen all the way to the left border and you should here some additional bleep blippies and a little bit of flashies. It may take days or weeks for him to show up..

    he's just a random little guy that comes up with no rhyme or reason, just to make ya smile! It's like winning the lottery, without the money or the lottery I have no idea how to disable this guy, but it's harmless, so why bother!

    Once the egg is there, you can get the inchworm on the same "power" screen, type a # sign...use the little white key(the actual name of this key is escaping me) and the "b" key...wait 10secs and he will inch across the screen until you leave the will not take any longer than 15 sec, try again if he doesn't pop up.. __o ^^o __o

    I hope I am clear...Let me know!

    Here is a link to the directions if mine don't work.
    - Skinneejay -
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    Or try this for the Taxi

    The Taxi cab

    To see the taxicab first you must have the Easter egg enabled.
    Switch to the standard Memo pad.
    Then hold down the PageDown button while drawing a line from the middle of the graffiti area to the left edge of the case.
    What's interesting about this egg is that if you leave the easter egg active sometimes the Taxi will drive across the screen at random intervals for no apparent reason.
    - Skinneejay -
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    i wish i had my centro right now, i can't wait to go home and play with this dude! makes my day haha is that pathetic or what?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freshyz View Post
    I never knew about this one and am glad to know of this shortcut.
    However for me it only worked by holding the gesture area + d.
    My bad, you are right, it is gesture area + d.
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    I wish I would of known this when I had my centro!!
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