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    I have multiple AIM accounts enabled in Messaging and some of the "buddies" are the same in multiple accounts. I just learned today that the AIM account I received the message from was not the same account that responded. Is there a way to designate this?

    As an example, "buddy" sends an IM to "aim1". When I respond, "buddy" sees the response from "aim2", not "aim1" where he sent the original IM.

    I'm thinking maybe the first AIM account that's listed in the prefs screen is where the responses come from, but I can't figure out how to reorder them short of removing and readding and even then I don't know if it'll work or if it organizes them alphabetically automatically. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    i know exactly what you mean...But it's kind of hard to explain!..I have 2 aim accounts on my Pre. I don't understand why I can't just simply 'logout' of one account without having to delete it and I don't understand why each time I get an im ..i respond on the screenname I don't want to respond on...Palm really needs to improve their messaging app inorder to drag in the teenage crowd more....3d games and a wonderful messaging app is a teenage dream!

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