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    Unless i haven't figured out a way to...

    1. speed up not just the launch, but the use of the app as well which is so laggy
    2. Customize my route should I want to avoid a known traffic jam highway
    3. Insert more than one "point" or "destination" in the get directions piece.

    Also, does any one know how to change the default. When I click on an address it takes me to gmaps (which i hate on this phone), I want it to go to Sprint Navi or even the web.
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    Yeah, its very limited. The Java version for my old LG Musiq had more functionality (even had Street View) tho it didn't have GPS.
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    To change the default, open the launcher, then click the launcher menu and then default applications. Addresses is the only one you can change.

    Oh yeah... It does suck compared to other platforms.
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    i don't think that google maps was ever intended to be the be all and all for navigation -- both sprint and verizon have proprietary software that i think they would rather have you use this might have something to do with the wimpy google maps program-- i am not to happy with GPS on the pre plus right now but that is a palm issue -- they have caused problems with the funtionallity to supposedly save battery life but my question is what good a full charge when the GPS won't funtion properly?
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    I can't believe that they sacrificed simple features like being able to look up a business, then add it to my contacts. I miss that kinda thing from my Treo 755p days.

    I love being able to see where I am on the map. That's great, but the app as a whole as been all but crippled. I use it much less.

    By the way, if I look up a business in WHERE, I *can* add it as a contact. So...
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    I just want a google maps app like my buddies iphone and g1...whats wrong with that. Street view is dope on a phone!
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    well..then...use Sprint Navigation. Google maps wasn't actually intended for 'navigation'. Hence, the term 'maps'...
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    I found the PalmOS version of Google Maps more responsive - unfortunately it doesn't run very well under Classic.

    (On second thought, in the time it takes Classic to load, I could launch Google Maps for webOS 4 or 5 times over....)
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