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    Engadget is the only tech site that gives Palm the time of day, sometimes even the whole day. They're the only worthwhile podcast to listen to IMHO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    It's really hard to be optimistic when Palm has only six quarters of revenue left in the bank. Palm hasn't even made a ripple in the pond that is known as the smart phone market share.. things aren't looking to good for Palm.
    Yet Elevation Partners has maintained that they're behind and will remain behind Palm, for the long-term.

    How anything resembling a tech news site could talk about Palm's dwindling prospects yet ignore THAT is beyond me.

    Now, if they'd said they had reason to believe that EP would *not* stand behind Palm (or just wayyyyyy behind them), that'd be a reason to be pessimistic - but it'd also be a reason to give us more information.

    This kind of thing makes me wonder what other stuff (about which I know even less) might these people *sound* very confident, impressive, and informed, despite knowing too little, while speaking too loudly.
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