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    maybe its just my phone playing up but the app cat no longer has the 'beta' strap across the main page??
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    Same here in Germany.
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    Good 'news' for unofficial countries; the beta strap is gone as well.
    Well, now let's see if they can add an Account (& Prefs) menu item to the left upper tap menu.
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    mine too. paid apps soon
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    now we just wait for a massive app drop (hopefully!!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jparnell View Post
    mine too. paid apps soon
    sums it up...

    I feel my bank balance is going to slip heavily
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    Same here in Canada, the Beta tag is gone.
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    *cough* front page
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    I'm already working out my list to buy...ouch, it's gonna hurt!
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    I'll just be happy to have my shopping list app back.. Of course now I can't remember the name of it.. Lol

    edit: Ah, there it is.. Shopping List. Figures lol
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    I only hope it's not full of Apps only any good in the US of A
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5 sisters View Post
    I only hope it's not full of Apps only any good in the US of A
    people have to resubmit unless the devs are a tad dim american only apps wont be resubmitted.

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