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  • Stick with the Pre

    44 78.57%
  • Get rid & wait for PrePlus/PixiPlus

    3 5.36%
  • Get rid & wait for future WebOS device

    3 5.36%
  • Get rid & jump ship

    6 10.71%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pirate_777 View Post
    I was in your position but thanks god i didn't get a Palm pre. My opinion is just leave the Palm pre and look at the Samsung S8500 Wave with the new Bada OS.

    It has a stunning build quality, it surpasses the Palm in all ways and corners, smooth OS, powerful specs, and everything you need without the locked and bad support for unofficial countries.

    I used to love Palm but the fact that it is hard to get for me and for my country, plus the bad build quality issues and bugs, etcetra, etcetra.

    I was in your shoes and i had a choice of getting the Palm pre, but through research and lots of reviews and videos i concluded that its not meant for me and my requirements.

    My Advice: Look and see the Samsung S8500 Wave and its reviews, just from the first glance ull know what im talking about and why i chose it to be my next mobile phone when its launched which hopefully will be in this month which is April. IT IS A PERFECT PHONE surpassing the Palm pre in literally every way (Hardware and Software) even breaking the Iphone's rule in touchscreen phones. Anything the Palm Pre has or the Plus will have, the Samsung S8500 Wave has it better. For e.g. Multitasking, Synergy like function, etc..

    Samsung S8500 Wave - Full phone specifications

    Ohh ya and ofcourse people in this forum will advice you to keep the Palm pre most are Palm pre users and it is a Palm pre website and forum lol

    Take advice from phone experts in general to know what meets your requirments and look at reviews and videos just to make sure.

    I understand your point. BUT!
    1 - where's the keyboard?
    2 - bada is not webOS.
    3 - I really like the Nintendo motto: the software sells the hardware

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    Well I sold the Pre today.
    Thanks for all the votes and opinions, I eventually decided I'd let this one go...

    ...but no doubt I'll return with either a Pre Plus or a Pixi Plus... or subsequent handset?
    I just hope Palm release a device with hardware qualities to match and take advantage of the superb software/WebOS.
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