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    i listen to alot of podcasts and continually port them back and forth from my computer. today i deleted about 15 and went to load on a few more and it said out of memory. Thought it was weird as i was putting on fewer (in mb) than i had deleted. After a reset, a few on and offs and some searching i decided to delete my apps, my pics all music and ringtones and do a fresh reboot and webOS Doctor just to clean it all up and start from scratch. after this failed to gain back any space (odd) I went into windows explorer and noticed there was
    a .trash folder and a .501 folder that had about 6gb of stuff (Music and downloads) I had thought i'd been deleting. Anyone else have this happen?

    Maybe it's because i go back and forth from pc at home to mac work? i guess now i have to go and empty the trash when i take stuff off now.

    Oh, and since my restart all of my contacts came back but just not with their phone numbers...any ideas?
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    when you delete stuff from a mac, dont forget to empty trash... or else it won't get deleted and be in the trash folder...

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