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    Quote Originally Posted by DJeremyC View Post
    In anticipation of tomorrows Laptop Mag March Madness Smartphone Championship against the Palm Pre and the Motorola Droid, I thought I would post to get everyone a heads up.

    Hopefully everyone from PreCentral will know about the poll and go vote for this awesome marvel of technology. I don't have a link but you can google it to get website (hopefully Deiter will have it on the front page of Precentral ASAP tomorrow) . It should come up if you type 'laptop mag march madness game 15' (or championship if they decide to call it differently).

    GO PRE!!!! +
    And hopefully PreCentral will cowboy up for the day and keep an article about the competition pinned to the top left of the main page.
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    agreed. Dieter, I understand you didn't want us to lose our dignity in the frenzy over the competition, and I personally am not really that.. Interested.

    but this is the Championship round. I didn't think the Pre would make it this far, but heck, now that it has and is up against the DROID (which we all know is the lesser phone) lets make this happen. Palm has had enough crap, this will be a bit of a morale boost.
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    Thanks for the heads up! I live waaaay out in the middle of the ocean and am usually last to know when stuff happens. Now I will start voting as soon as it lets me. I'll get everyone at work tomorrow to vote from their phones as well. GO PALM!!
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    ++++1,Alright lets kick some droid but everyone. time to be at work early again to hit up the computers, lets do it.
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    Also, though not totally fair, you can vote once per computer.
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    can someone post the link up?
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    Thats the old link, the new one will not be available till tomorrow
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    I hope this gets blown up at precentrals front page and make a huge deal about it with big letters saying VOTE!!!VOTE!!!!VOTE!!!!
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    Kudos to the rally efforts! I'm not typically too motivated on these things but due to the efforts and in support of those forum members taking a leadership role in this.....let's get'er done!! Everyone on board tomorrow folks!!! Spread the word. That goes for Palm and Precentral as well.
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    bumped for owning the number one phone :-)
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    Don't forget everyone that tomorrow is show time, so don't forget to vote
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    I'll be placing my vote, and remember droid does.......lose.....haha!!!!! GO PRE!!!!!
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    dont forget everyone to vote later this morning for the pre plus its going up against the droid in the finals, and we need all the support to shut the industry up. So far these polls show how many satisfied user of a palm pre is really out there, and will in a sense help out Palm sales showing people that Web Os is not just a fad and is something to consider. Lets show the support come together and really blast the android comunity in these finals.
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    BUMP for voting ASAP as it comes up.
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    although i could vote probably 10 times on different internet Ip's. I will not. I will only vote once. If we don't win then it was meant to be. I think everyone should just vote once, Keep it fair and simple. IMHO
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    oh who am i kidding, I'll vote 20 times if I get a chance. HAHAH
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    Don't think they've started it yet.

    Whaaa...I've just bought a new and shiny pre and I want to vote now!

    (I looked at a whole load of phones when I was deciding and reckoned it was the most nobby one of the lot!)
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