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    Asking, as I was just replacing another Pre today for a blown speaker, and the Sprint employee was pushing hard for me to upgrade to the Hero, and when I said that I was waiting to see what Palm does next with Sprint, he just kind of chuckled said probably nothing, since "it doesn't really look good for Palm right now"... I said that I've heard of speculation that they might be releasing new hardware later this year, and because I love WebOs so much, (can't stand all the button mashing that goes along with Android personally) I would wait, and he kind of just looked at me like I was nuts. Since It was clear to him I wasn't gonna go with a Hero, he just hurried me along. I've searched these forums, and elsewhere, but at this point I can't find definite answer on whether or not Palm will release something new to Sprint. Is there any evidence to believe that new Palm hardware is coming to Sprint? Thanks
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    most likely not. They have so much current product they have to get rid if first, but who knows.. I would like to see them pull something out of nowhere.
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    I really hope they do, after having played with a Hero for sometime, I just don't like Android. Why do people love those phones so much? I have put my friend's Hero to shame with the things my Pre does better. Don't get me wrong he's got some pretty cool apps that make me drool, but overall, I don't get the hype for Android phones, besides some of the apps!
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    I'm really hoping for some new WebOS hardware. IMO if Palm releases some hardware comparable in specs (not ugly design lol) to the most powerful Android devices and gains support from people and devs so many more apps are released then they will blow away Android and be the first real competition to the iPhone.
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    Ruby mentioned a new device on the last call.... said in 2010
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    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.

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