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    Irritatingly, among the many other lack of consideration for the European GSM models, the Palm Pre in UK ships with $ (on H button) instead of . In fact you used to have to scroll down the Symbols page to even find the at the bottom, something thankfully rectified by recent update to at least include it on the first page upon pressing Sym.

    What I would like to request from the very clever people here is a simple patch to allow me to press Orange+H and produce a instead of $. I can then go into Sym to get my $ or symbols. I am no programmer but it does not seem like it would be too hard a task?

    So anyone out there for the challenge?
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    i posted this in the patch section, but no real progress
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    If you just press Sym + h, you are shown just the currency symbols.
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    Interesting. The German model has the €-symbol on h.

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