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    I was wondering if anyone had any interesting insight on how to revive Palm from the current state its in? Any different strategies Palm should take?
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    Yeah check this thread out. We are doing a viral marketing campaign.

    The only real saving grace for Palm is/will be selling phones.
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    Dude, many MANY people have chimed in. My personal favourite is Engadget.

    Palm Survival Guide

    Feel free to post your own, but there have been many, and there will be many more.
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    hardware hardware hardware and quality hardware
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    Dig up the old Handspring guys and beg them to design a solid piece of hardware, then make them write about 20,000 good apps. After that we will be fine.
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    palm needs to start off fresh in china. Do there what they couldn't here. Sell off your excess inventory and become even more attractive for a buyout if you so happen to succeed in china.

    meanwhile, use the money made for better future products that should be made available everywhere.
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    they need to stop relying on their dated hardware. People aren't going to be compelled to buy something that's already been around and hasn't been selling well. The only thing they should be concerned about right now is working on that next handset device and getting a good marketing strategy for that device that doesn't involve shoe shopping.

    It should cater to the demographic that uses smartphones instead of trying to lure a demographic that doesn't.

    The device needs to be a step up rather than a step down (No offense to your Pixi owners). It needs to not only catch up with the rest of the market, but needs to exceed it in a compelling way, or else no one's going to buy it.

    Software is not enough! as wonderful and functional as webOS is, the death knell of this product is the fact that they've not innovated the form factor since it's inception and they're trying to turn a profit with unsubstantial iterations of the same products. Palm is trying to replicate Apple's model to a smaller degree and lightning is not striking the same spot twice. They need to make faster devices that depart from the Pre's form factor to survive.

    Palm has gone on record stating that it will not part with the hard keypad, but something as simple as a larger, more durable screen and a less fragile slider would be a vast improvement.

    If they keep on relying on a set of very tired devices the future is very, very grim for Palm.
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    Shoot, the present is very, very grim for Palm.
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    Put my vote on better hardware. I love the os and wish I could see how it performs with faster hardware.
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    They put all their eggs in the pre's basket and that basket has Oreo'd.

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