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    After waiting for the much anticipated update to the twitter client tweed I have noticed that my notification updates do not always seem to be working correctly. I have tried setting it to different notification frequencies but it does not seem have any effect on the notifications themselves.

    First, I tried to solve this problem by deleting tweed from my pre, and then restarting and re-downloading the program. This did not seem to solve the problem at all.

    Secondly, I thought maybe it was certain patches that I had installed on my pre so I decided to delete everything on my phone and then doctor it to start completely fresh with 1.4. I installed only three patches (battery as percent, 4x4 icons no arrows plus more, and enable dialpad vibration) and everything seemed to be working fine. However, it seems that the program stops displaying notifications after awhile. It now only displays them sporadically, and it seems like there is no explanation as to why it would be acting so weird.

    Is anyone else having any issues with this program, and if so does anyone know a solution to make the program work correctly.
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    Probably related to 1.4, 1.4 broke a lot of apps that use the dashboard for notifications.
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    I emailed Pivotal Labs about receiving notification on a list every 15 minutes regardless of whether or not there were new tweets. It's a known issue that will be fixed in the next version, which "will be available in a few weeks."
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    this is still NOT working with version 1.6 of Tweed! Every time that I restart my Pre it no longer sends me notifications... I have to open tweed then toggle use notifications to off, close tweed then reopen tweed and toggle the notifications back on and then it works, UNTIL my Pre is restarted

    is anybody else having this issue? I am considering switching to Twee if this isn't just my problem! Any thoughts or fixes for this?

    Thanks in advance
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    On a side note, how do you send a pic from Tweed Beta? (notifications still work with free version)
    I don't get why it pulls up a new email just to send a pic and still doesn't work?
    I use TweeFree just for sending pics/comments because it's straight forward but beyond that Tweed works better for me for everything else.. .

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