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    Hi PreCentral,

    Earlier this morning my Pre froze up, it was unresponsive for a few minutes and I'd forgotten about the Orange+Sym+R reset combination, so I gave up and pulled the battery out.

    When the phone restarted, the launcher had reset all the icon positions to how they are by default, with any installed apps located at the bottom of page 1. It had also removed a page added with the 4x4v4 patch. As well as this I noticed all of my Web bookmarks had vanished, and I am unable to add any new ones.

    I moved all the icons back to where I wanted them, but every time luna is restarted they jump back to the default positions, any added launcher pages disappear too. I tried removing all of my launcher patches but had no luck, I also ran an EPR, which didn't fix the problem either.

    Any ideas on a fix? (other than visiting the Dr.)

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    maybe do full shutdown...pull battery and wait few min..and put back in..and power-up?? (mite reverse wat was done..??)..
    or partial reset to bring you back to stock...apps and launcher pages saved in profile..hopefully ur pre didn't back-up itself and save what was already done..
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    to your response to my post, no i havent figured out a fix... i may be visiting "the doctor" tomorrow... unfortunately.

    Oh well, done it enough times now, its no biggie anymore.
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    I just had this happen to me this morning as well. Pre froze... battery pull... now every Luna restart deletes any additional pages I add and all icons move back to their default page. Exactly as you describe...

    I removed the add/remove pages, restart and shutdown a few times, but no dice. I'm going to try WebOS Repair Utility now and see if that fixes it.

    Anyone else have this issue and anyone get it fixed?
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    I just bit the bullet and Doctored it in the end, I didn't think to try the Repair Utility. The Palm backup system worked very well, it was just a shame to lose all my texts. Other than that it was painless.
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    Ugh - repair utility did not fix the issue. Looks like I have to Dr as well. This will be by first trip to the Dr so I hope it goes smoothly. My biggest worry is that my Backup has not been backing up for a month now (another reason to Dr) so I'm not sure what I'm in store for when it recovered.
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    Doctoring fixed the issue!
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    same happened to me yesterday, have had to do a battery pull several time but never had this happen. The Doctor is the only thing that would fix it.
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    Are there any other options to fix this issue besides Doctoring the Pre? Is there a corrupted launcher pages/icon position preference file that can be replaced??
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    I'm pretty sure I came up with a solution that does not require Doctoring, it's actually a pretty easy fix:
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    As much is people tell you to do a battery pull. Don't do it when the device is frozen. Just wait. It will eventually come back on.

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