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    My Pre is not displaying any icons. I have to do search for my apps in order to launch it. Any suggestions on how to fix it.

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    restart luna
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    I have used lunar, removed battery, used the device info to reset and shut down. None have worked!
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    wow I'm stumped I guess doctor but wait and see if you can get some more help sorry.
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    When I click on the launcher (up arrow) icon a clear light hazy white see through overlay appears but with no icons.
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    If you click anywhere on the launcher does an app open as if the icon where just invisible or does nothing open as if theres nothing on your launcher? Maybe if you previously had a theme installed and it didnt uninstall corectly it caused your icons to be covered up and appear (or not apppear at all) invisible.
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    do you have the clear launcher background patch combined with named launcher pages? i lost all mine with these two. i removed clear background and all was fine.
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    When I click on the clear hazy white background nothing launches. I have been using the same theme since 1.3 and no clear launcher background patch were installed. Maybe I should try to remove the current theme....

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