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    Here are 2 things that Palm can do right now to goose sales and help clear out inventory. In the long run Palm needs to create a WebOS killer app that will tie consumers to a Palm/webos universe.

    1) Hire more Evangelist. This is taking a page from Apples playbook and there woes with CompUSA. Remember when Apple was having a had time pushing their hardware at CompUSA? The reason was that CompUSA reps weren't pushing Apple hardware. So, Apple had to hire their own people to staff the stores. After that sales took off. Palm should do the same thing.
    I know of several Palm reps, but they have to cover to much territory to be as effective as they could. Palm should hire more sales/training reps. Let them be responsible for no more than 3-5 stores in a given market. I would also increase bonuses and make them based on store performance and attach rates of Palm branded products.

    2. Let the Games Begin! The next thing I would do is offer more incentive for Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T employees to sale more Pre's and Pixies. Most employees in the stores work on commission. May be not 100% commission, but they have to reach sales goals and then they usually make a bonus above that. Palm needs to sweeten the pot. Something like the person who sales the most Palm branded products (accessories and phones) in a region gets a free Palm and Pixie plus 10 free apps. The person who sales the most phones at a call center, above a center number to qualify, gets an extra $500. I would couple this incentive with a BOGO offer.

    These are two short term fixes that would really spike sales. This would also be a great way clear the channel of inventory. The hiring of extra salespeople may not seem to be the most cost effective way to push sales, but it is. If you could have a dedicated Palm salesperson who is responsible for 3-5 stores they could really push product. Especially if they would get more $$$ for increased store performance.
    While I was in college I worked for Circuit City (when they still were commissioned based), and I saw what would happen when a manufacturer would offer extra $$ to sell a particular product. We would sale the you-know-what out of it. I also worked in a Sprint Call center. Same thing. If we got extra compensation for selling one phone over the next we did.

    Like I said these are short term fixes that would clear inventory and spike sells for a couple of months. I have some longer term fixes, but I will share those later.
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    Interesting and thanks for your insight. Sorli...
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    i love your idea to reward reps for selling palm devices. I would take it to a much bigger extreme.

    I would take that $1 million they were giving away for "hot apps" contest and devote it to this. $1000 to the highest seller in each region/territory/etc.

    If we get the devices out there, the developers will follow. Getting devices into customers hand is #1 priority.

    Someone needs to mention this to Palm. Its a great idea. I hope theyve thought of it, and are considering it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sublimobile View Post
    I would take that $1 million they were giving away for "hot apps" contest and devote it to this. $1000 to the highest seller in each region/territory/etc.
    I agree with the general idea of an aggressive SPIFF program, particularly for Verizon reps. The way the idea above is worded doesn't sound right, though: the Hot Apps contest is sort of already underway, so taking that money and giving it to sales reps instead would kind of destroy developer relations, which would be more damning than anything else Palm could do.
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