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    .... and incorporated webos multitasking and synergy into android... that would be the perfect OS.

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    If pigs could fly, it'd be harder to make bacon. imho anyways
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    A HTC buyout seems about 100% more likely, yes..
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    i can has banana instead of french fries?
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    If apple or Google where to buy out palm they would kill Web OS as we know it. The only reason to either of them to buy palm would be for the patients that palm holds.
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    If ifs and buts were candy and nuts
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    Apple buying Palm scares me the most of anything. Apple has a lot of touchscreen smart phone patents. Palm has the most "classical" smart phone patents out there. If Apple got a hold of Palms patents, they would become a suing machine and seriously hold back the market.

    If anyone was to buy Palm, I would be rooting hardcore for HTC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex Pants View Post
    If anyone was to buy Palm, I would be rooting hardcore for HTC.
    Agreed. But I'm still rooting for Palm to pull through on their own. Going on AT&T might help, and going to China could certainly drive some volume.

    Wow, I'm vacillating on this whole thing...
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    I would hate to see anyone buy out Palm unless they simply kept everything the way it is and just heavily funded it more than Palm could do by its self. Other than Apple, Palm seems to be the only other company that cares about the design of every single detail they put on every single item they make. The physical design of the Pre, Pixi, Touchstone, wall outlet, usb cord, car charger, and even the box they come in is beautiful. Compare that to the everyday boring ugly standard design that the Android phones, wall chargers, boxes, (and Android OS) ect. has. I think a lot of this attention to detail comes from having a former Apple employee as the CEO... I mean look at the difference in the Palm phones and OS of today vs just a few years ago. Jon Rubinstein has really brought the beauty and attention to detail that Apple has to Palm and is probably the only reason the company is even still around.
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    seems like RIM could use a shot in the arm to their aging OS..
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    If I had to choose it would be Sony. They have pretty much let Sony Ericson run their own ship, even though they have run it into the ground. It would be nice if they spun Sony Ericson back to Ericson and merged with Palm. Palm has the software and design, while Sony has the engineering and manufactoring know-how, it would be a perfect match. The only problem would be pricing because of the Sony tax, but imagine the possibilities. They would have access to all of Sony properties, such as the PSP, Cybershot, Sony Music, and Sony Pictures, and a company like Palm would be able to masterfully incorporate all those services with webos.
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    I have a question: What is all the hoopla about "Web OS"? All I see is sliding little apps on and off the screen. What else is so amazing in it?

    I mean- it looks like they copied the original Iphone OS scheme of swishing things from side to side. The stories of people with "out of cards" errors when they have one card up make me think this WebOS isn't that amazing.

    And multitasking? How much can you really do at one time- on a phone? On my Treo's I would listen to music and websurf/email check. What else would i really be doing?

    The whole concept of multitasking is kind of useless on a screen this size. True multitasking would be crunching something in one window, and having another window up doing something else. What are you doing on your phone? CAD rendering?

    Look- I want a phone that makes/takes calls. Sometimes I need the web. GPS is great. Games are ok. Thats it really? I don't care what you call the OS. Make it snappy and go to the apps i want. Multitasking? Whatever, when i click on something i want it to do what i want. Cards/icons i dont care.

    Seems like we are over complicating something as simple as a program running on an interface. How many at one time / the names are irrelevant. Speed is everything. Useablity, software- that's all that matters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zorro869 View Post
    Look- I want a phone that makes/takes calls. Sometimes I need the web. GPS is great. Games are ok. Thats it really?
    Seems to me like you would be fine with a feature phone or even a "dumb phone" if thats all you care about your phone doing.. maybe thats why you don't see the big deal about WebOS. I've had all 3 iPhones, the BB Bold, BB Tour, Motorola Droid and now the Pre Plus and for me... WebOS combines the best features of the other OS's into one.

    The iPhone has the most visually appealing OS, best web browser, great apps and it's the easiest to use... but it really can't multitask, the notification system isn't good and the iPhone isn't good as a "phone" (making/receiving calls, earpiece volume, speaker volume, reception ect)

    Android can multitask but you need to use a task manager to know exactly whats opened and Android has a bad habit of randomly opening apps when you didn't want it to. Android has a nice notification system that is very unobtrusive and much better than the iPhone and every Android phone I've used works well as a "phone" The Android OS is very ugly and feels like an unfinished beta os and there's a severe limit on what the apps can do because of how small they have to be to fit on the limited internal memory... and theres so many Android phones on so many different versions of the OS that its very inconsistent and causes problems with apps working across every Android phone.

    The BlackBerry OS has push notifications for email, great keyboards and works great as a "phone".... other than those things the BB os really sucks.. the web browser is terrible, the apps are in the same situation as Android's, the OS is very dated and ugly, and installing and uninstalling apps is a pain.

    WebOS is very elegant and beautiful like the iPhone OS. The notification system is great like Android's. The web browser is very good like iPhone's and Androids. It has push email like BB (and iPhone/Android) It multitasks better than any other platform and you don't have to use a task manager. It works great as a "phone" (although the speakerphone volume isn't the best) and although it doesn't have as many apps as others... the apps it does have are very beautiful and functional since they can be much larger like the iPhone's apps.
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    HTC and Palm partnership would be the most ideal situation here. HTC would benefit almost immediately because they'd now have one of the most robust patent catalogs in the entire smartphone market, and they'd be able to counter sue the crap out of Apple. Palm would benefit because they'd now have arguably the best handset maker building a variety of sexy phones to run webOS on. HTC would have a bunch of ex-Apple designers and programmers now working on integrating webOS with the Sense UI. EVERYBODY WINS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by onyoursix View Post
    .... and incorporated webos multitasking and synergy into android... that would be the perfect OS.

    Android already has multi-tasking and synergy isn't exactly rocket science. If Google bought WebOS it would be to kill it and maybe borrow a few GUI ideas.
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    i'll say it over and over,,,,Hewlett Packard!!!!! all the way
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seven_Speed View Post
    i'll say it over and over,,,,Hewlett Packard!!!!! all the way
    HP and Dell are the only 2 companies I could see buying Palm. Neither has its own OS for smartphones, and both would like to be in the smartphone business. Yes, Dell has the mini 5 and a few other phones with android on the way, so maybe not Dell.

    When's the last time HP had a phone?
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    the iPaq...
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    The problem for Palm is that the (possible) need for someone to buy them out has come at the wrong time in the development cycle. The big OS providers are either gearing up for their next version of their OSes (Nokia, RIM, Microsoft) or they are in the process of building share for their current version (Google, Apple).

    That leaves someone like HTC or Dell or the like. Dell have already jumped upon the Android ship, so while they might want their own Os, why bother when they can let all of the major development costs be picked up by someone else and ride on the existing market share of Android?

    HTC could buy them but that would put them in direct competition with people they currently licence up (Google, Microsoft) or provide handsets for and means that they would have to refocus large aspects of their organisation - I can't see it.

    Moreover, the idea of any of these companies buying Palm and merging WebOS into an existing OS makes no sense. My *guess* is that if Palm goes under, that it will be purchased for it's existing IPR but that WebOS will be killed off.

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