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    I've had my Pre since August, and lately, I've been experiencing more and more problems.

    1) Headphone jack. Even the slightest movement of the device causes the sound to crackle, rendering it useless for music while carrying in pocket, etc.
    2) Keyboard randomly stops working. This morning, I had to pull out the battery twice (normal restart didn't help) before it started working.
    3) Screen shuts off for up to 30 seconds. Pressing a key, or sliding doesn't turn it on.

    I signed up for TEP this month (open enrollment), so should I take the Pre to a repair center? I really can't afford having the phone taken away for more than a day, so they ever replace the phones or will I have to wait? Thanks.
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    I would take it in and have them look at it, since there are hardwares issues they should order you a replacement...or they might tell you that you need to go through Palm...either way, you should be covered.
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    Is the software totally stock? If not take it for a visit to the "doctor" before taking it in, see if that solves any problems.. It probably won't help the headset crackling but it might fix the other stuff..
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    These are 1.4 update related issues, I had the keyboard stop working on me and a technician at the Sprint store told me that they are seeing these issues after 1.4

    He told me that only pulling the battery out fixes most of these issues

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