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    Palm announced that the Pre would launch on AT&T in the coming months...which would put it in the summer. Right around when people have been "hoping" a new palm device would launch as Palm's last chance to pick itself back up. Now if I were on AT&T, why would I buy an old Palm Pre when a new Palm phone was just announced and considering the new iPhone is coming too?

    or maybe there wont be a new palm phone this summer?
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    If they do release a new product it'll not compete with the Pre and Pixi. It may be a slab or a horizontal slider but they'd make sure to allow all three a chance.

    As far as getting on AT&T, there is potential when increasing your potential customer pool, and really there is nothing necessarily bad about this, though it should've been done at launch really. Hopefully it'll pull some of those AT&T users who are sick of the iPhone.
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    I don't think it's a mistake, I just wouldn't expect too much. There will be a small pool of people (ex centro/treo users) that will buy the device no matter what. Also I wouldn't expect ATT to try and push customers to the Iphone when they come in for the Pre, I actually think it'll be the opposite. ATT pays a % of billings to Apple for Iphone users, they won't have to do that with Palm, so it's in their best interest to persuade customers who want data services away from the Iphone and to something else.

    Also ATT only has one compelling smart phone at the moment.
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    Strictly in my opinion, both titular premises are true. The AT&T launch is a definite mistake and there will be no new device coming soon.

    I don't see how they have the capacity to manufacture and promote GSM Palm and Pixi Pluses along with a new super WebOS device that will be CDMA. I could definitely be wrong, but that seems like a magic trick beyond their skillset.

    And the AT&T launch is about as wrong as you can get from the indefinite launch window to absolutely ludicrous pricing for the Pre Plus.
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    I think their mistake might've been seeing the Palm Plus phones as new phones, while they're basically the same with some minimal upgrades.

    If they wanted to mimic the iPhone 3G > 3GS upgrade, they should've upgraded at least the processor.

    If this is really what they were thinking, we won't see another phone for like 6 months and Palm will be in really bad shape.

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