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    Until (or rather if) Palm goes down and webOS is no more, then I will switch to another OS. Until then, I am extremely happy with my Pre (well, I am jealous of the memory of the Pre+), happy with the Apps we do have and the Developer + Homebrew community and very excited for the future of the phone. Palm is still working on updated software (and hopefully updated hardware), so I'm going to ride this wave out!
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    My answer is No...kinda in the same tone as Ed Anser's character in Up when he is standing at the door being asked if he needs assistance by the little kid.

    Love the Phone and WebOS and in for the long haul.
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    Jumped!... to a Nexus One (been using the Pre since June). Sure I don't have a polished multitasking experience, but I do have hardware that feels good in my hands, supreme battery performance, responsive phone app, etc... (the list goes on and on). Oh and native Google apps
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    I'm pretty picky about the ETF. I'll be keeping my phone and if palm is still around I will probably buy that new phone. I love webos and will continue to push it on people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osiris_C3 View Post
    I'll be keeping my phone and if palm is still around I will probably buy that new phone. I love webos and will continue to push it on people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osiris_C3 View Post
    I'm pretty picky about the ETF. I'll be keeping my phone and if palm is still around I will probably buy that new phone. I love webos and will continue to push it on people.
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    I'll be buying a nexus one or supersonic the minute its released.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geraldorigo View Post
    I'm here reading all of these horrible things about Palm and their future, myself I am a new Pre Plus owner here with Verizon and am disgusted at by the way Verizon handled these two great phones. Is there anyone out there thinking about returning their Pre if they are under the 30 day guarantee?? I'm contemplating it but wouldn't know what to do without my Pre Plus. Nothing on Verizon compares to this great phone, not even the Droid. Now announcements of the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus on AT&T is nice but what does that mean?? Is Verizon calling it quits, I believe so, hopefully AT&T does a better job with the phones and lets hope that T-Mobile gets in to this mix, Palm needs as much carrier support as they can get. So anyone here going to bail on this great phone or are you going to stick it out till the end?
    I'm actually going in the exact opposite direction as you. I'm currently in my 30-day guarantee window with a BB, and will be exchanging FOR a Pre Plus this week (whenever I have a break from work!). I think the OS is amazing. And your phone will still work even if, worst-case scenario, Palm goes bye and there's no corporate support for the Pre. Even if Palm goes, or if there's a corporate takeover, that probably won't happen anytime in the immediate future. And if by the time it does happen, you will probably be eligible to upgrade to a new phone anyways.

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    Im on my 4th Pre in 3 months (O2 gsm), this one is better than the rest that all had hardware faults (oreo-broken buttons etc), WebOs is slick but still somewhat flaky, i get random slowdowns that require a reboot, try using the camera and watch it grind to a halt as you snap away, missed/dropped calls are a PITA, MMS still doesnt work correctly on O2 and battery life is unpredictable, 1 day its fine, the next it drops like a stone with identical use.
    I really really want to stick with the Pre but how long do i have to keep hanging on for the magical day when every thing works as it should.
    I would really miss the interface and multi tasking but other people are starting to imitate WebOs now on other hardware, check out ProSwitcher on a jailbroke Iphone 3gs.
    I must admit (hides head in shame) if a "fix" for 3.1.3 on the iphone arrives before WebOS becomes stable and reliable then i would be tempted to change, jailbroken iphones can be made to run like a Pre but with decent hardware and proven OS
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    No way am I jumping ship, my launch day Pre hardware is solid and webOS is the best UI in the industry so why would I leave for an inferior UI like Android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    No need to worry. The anylists have been predicting Palms demise for the past 5 years. Nothing new there.

    Palm and WebOS are not going anywhere. They will be around for a long time to come...
    I'm not too sure about that... 2000-2001 they were almost $450 for stock, and now under $4...but would be nice to see them bought by another company. If Google/Palm joined that would be an amazing operating system then.

    Quote Originally Posted by dkotoric1 View Post
    I'll be buying a nexus one or supersonic the minute its released.
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    I'm not only not going to another phone (after all I've got 1 1/2 years left on my contract with Sprint), but I'm not selling my Palm stock either (note that it was NOT @$450 per share when I bought it, but near $14).

    Apple was in similar straights 7 years ago. While the Pre isn't the only good smartphone on the market, it's certainly the one I like best and seems to be improving nearly every day. If nobody panics Palm could well have a turn around of their own.
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    Got 6 more months on contract. At that point, if Palm doesn't have a new and MUCH better device, I'm switching to the Nexus One, if it's available by then.
    The Saint
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    Not me. WebOs is just too good.
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    As long as the phone that I have works, I see no reason to get another one. Especially based on some stock analysts' wild **** guess about he future.
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    I'm definitely not jumping ships. I do believe that if the worst was to happen and that webOS was to loose corporate support, the community is grown enough to take the lead on what will happen in a near future!!!
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    I'll probably be jumping ship to the Nexus One once it's available for Sprint.. While I love the Web OS, I kinda regret being an early adopter. I might have been happier if I had the Palm Pre Plus, but Sprint is my carrier and I'd rather not switch over to Verizon.

    If I were able to launch a 3D application without getting that damn "Too many cards open" error when having no cards open, then I'd probably stick with Web OS. Fact of the matter is, between memory leaks and hardware issues (double key entries on my keyboard) I'm fed up with it.. I can't help but feel the current hardware doesn't do Web OS justice.
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    I believe.
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